About Paintings

My paintings are a gift that awaken remembrance of causeless happiness and connection to our true selves. Traditional paint and canvas have been transformed into portals of awakening consciousness. It is a joy and honor to share them with all of you. ~ Jaime

When you purchase one of my paintings, you are purchasing an original work of art that has been lovingly and meticulously created. From the extra heavyweight canvas to the professional grade paints and mediums, nothing has been overlooked or compromised. To help protect your original artwork, a permanent isolation coat has been applied. On top of this, a removable varnish coat* ensures your painting is even further protected from environmental factors such as dust, ultraviolet light, and moisture. While all of these things add to the cost of your painting, I believe they are necessary in creating a quality work of art that will literally last a lifetime.

* Please note, Mini Paintings do not have a varnish coat.